Looking for Something that Lasts Longer than Traditional Waxes & Sealants? Protect Your Investment with a Ceramic Coat

A glossy car with minimal upkeep. It’s one the primary draws to a ceramic coat, a liquid polymer formulated to protect the paint on your vehicle and its wheels.

Applying a ceramic coat will add a little more durability against environmental contaminants while helping you preserve the pristine appearance of your exterior paint. Ceramic coats are known for reducing the amount of effort it takes to keep your car and wheels clean. Due to their hydrophobic properties, water beads and carries dirt away during washes.

3 Ceramic Coat Benefits

A ceramic coat will:

  • Protect against brake dust build up, road grime, and tar
  • Decrease time and effort required for washing / cleaning maintenance
  • Add a high glossy appearance

Ceramic coats require some upkeep to maintain, such as routine washing and drying. A ceramic coat isn’t a solution for scratches, swirls, and marring. However, applying one will provide extra defense against environmental contamination and dirt/grime will clear off more easily during washes. Additional ceramic products can be applied over time as the original coat wears.

 Ceramic coats are a great paint protection solution for painted and powder coated wheels.

Ice Creams Wheels and Tires offers ceramic coat installation for Mesa, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Chandler, AZ, and surrounding areas. We will help your car and wheels maintain their shine, so you always feel good behind the wheel.

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